Awesome features

Lots of features, for all your needs!

  • Check your rides

    RideLog accompanies you on every journey and provides you with all the information you need such as distances, consumption, costs, and much more.

  • Manage your refills

    You can forget about logging your refills, you can throw away your gas station receipts, RideLog takes care of all that for you!

  • Export all the data

    RideLog allows you to export all the data from your trips and refills in PDF and CSV formats for easy sharing.

  • Automatically recognizes when you're on the bike

    RideLog is… magical! You can even forget about it. It automatically recognizes when you you’re on the bike, without needing to ask for anything.

  • Manual Mode

    If you want to maintain control or prefer to enter data manually… you can do it! RideLog allows you to manage every single aspect of the data entered,

  • Tag your routes

    You can tag your routes, “Work,” “Vacation,” or anything you prefer, to quickly find and export them.

  • Detailed statistics

    RideLog keeps track of every detail of your trips and shows you daily, weekly, monthly, and annual statistics.

  • Manage deadlines

    Insurance, vehicle tax, service check, tire replacement, oil change—let RideLog remind you of every deadline.

  • Motorcycle maintenance

    Manage your motorcycle’s maintenance with RideLog. Enter all deadlines and keep track of your vehicle’s expenses.

  • Synchronization across devices

    Is your motorcycle used by more than one person? No problem! You can synchronize the data between two devices, just bring them close together and RideLog takes care of the rest!

Why RideLog?

It’s the first and only application that allows you to manage your motorcycle and scooter in a smart and automatic way.

All vehicle and trip data

RideLog is the digital assistant for your motorcycle and scooter. It tracks your journeys, fuel consumption, costs, and all data related to your vehicles such as maintenance and deadlines.

Data securely stored on your device

RideLog saves data inside your device. There’s no server, no company that can see your data and movements. RideLog is 100% secure.

Perfect for vacations

RideLog is the perfect companion for your vacations. Record your routes, review the details, and calculate costs and consumption. Keep track of your motorcycle even on vacation for safe and carefree journeys.

App Screenshots

We have designed the best application to manage your data. We have created a beautiful graphic interface to represent your journeys.


RideLog has many features and is highly innovative. Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

You can use the app even if it’s not connected to the internet. The recognition of refills is the only feature that requires a connection.
The only feature that requires an internet connection is the configuration of the vehicle.

Of course!
If you don’t have a Bluetooth BLE device, you can always use automatic or manual tracking.
You can also use a shortcut automation and activate RideLog whenever you prefer.

If you cannot set up a Bluetooth BLE device, you can disable automatic recognition and start the app manually when you’re on your motorcycle.

RideLog is.. magical! Even if you close the application, it continues to work in low power mode and records your journeys. If you restart your iPhone or update it, remember to reopen it because it may happen that iOS does not reopen the app after these operations.

Yes, RideLog provides you with an entire garage, you can insert all your vehicles!

You can add the new vehicle from the section of your garage.

RideLog was created to consume as little as possible.
When you’re not driving, the application shuts down and restarts when you start moving again.
You can reduce consumption even more by using manual tracking.

All your data is recorded inside the application in a database protected by the operating system with the unlock code you have set on iPhone.
We do not take or consult any data regarding your movements and locations.

It may happen that the operating system does not wake up the application after a restart or update.
It may also happen that the GPS is unable to recognize the location of the device.
Rarely, it may happen that RideLog is unable to track a journey.

RideLog needs more precise information to determine a route, the minimum required distance is variable and can be at least 500 meters or more.

If the gas station is very recent, it’s possible that the database has not yet been updated, we continuously work to quickly update all these data.

RideLog uses the operating system’s functionalities to determine the device’s location and to minimize battery consumption, it turns off the GPS when not in a vehicle.
Based on some conditions external to the application, it’s possible that the device may not be able to wake up in time.

The driving style score is calculated by analyzing the completed route. At this stage, some variables are considered, including accelerations and decelerations.

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